Is the Children’s Burn Foundation a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization?

Yes, since 1985.


What is the Children’s Burn Foundation Tax ID Number?




Can I volunteer at the Children’s Burn Foundation?

If you are interested in interning at the Foundation, please e-mail your resume and a cover letter to info@childburn.org. Internships are currently unpaid positions.

How can I join a support group?

Please contact us if a child in your family has been severely burned and you or the child would like to join our support groups.


Can my child attend your burn camps?

If your child is a burn survivor and would like to attend our camps, please read about Camps & Retreats in our Full Recovery section of the website and contact us.


What are the ages of children the Children’s Burn Foundation helps?

The Children’s Burn Foundation assists children burn survivors ages 0 to 18.


Does Children’s Burn Foundation only help children at specific hospitals?

No. The Children’s Burn Foundation helps children at many hospitals all over the world.


Does the Children’s Burn Foundation have a Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Code? 

Yes! Our CFC Code is 81568.


Who is on the Board of the Children’s Burn Foundation?

See the About Us section: Board of Trustees for a full list of Board members.


What are the different ways I can make a gift?

Gifts can be made online, by check, money order, credit card, stock transfer, and MANY other ways. Check out Ways To Give.


Is my contribution tax deductible?

Any gift to the Children’s Burn Foundation for which you do not receive goods or services is fully tax-deductible. Please consult your financial and legal advisors for specific tax information.


Can I designate my gift?

Unrestricted gifts give the Children’s Burn Foundation the greatest flexibility to direct funds to the area where there is the greatest need, but you may designate your gift to a specific program.  Contact Us for more details.


Burn Facts

Key facts
•An estimated 180 000 deaths every year are caused by burns – the vast majority occur in low- and middle-income countries.
•Non-fatal burn injuries are a leading cause of morbidity.
•Burns occur mainly in the home and workplace.
•Burns are preventable.

A burn is an injury to the skin or other organic tissue primarily caused by heat or due to radiation, radioactivity, electricity, friction or contact with chemicals. 

Thermal (heat) burns occur when some or all of the cells in the skin or other tissues are destroyed by:
•hot liquids (scalds)
•hot solids (contact burns), or
•flames (flame burns).

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