Support Groups

A major barrier to full recovery is the mental and psychological experiences that people impacted by burn injuries have to overcome. Many do not understand, but there is a strong community through The Children's Burn Foundation that meets to support one another. Facilitated by train professionals, we provide access to a unique community that allows burn survivors to speak openly about their experiences and be completely understood by peers. 

Teen Support Group – Y.A.B.S.S.

Teen burn survivors find camaraderie in our program known by the acronym YABSS: Young Adult Burn Survivors & Supporters. YABSS support each teen's transition into adulthood, encouraging them to reach their full potential and embrace a bright and unlimited future.

Child & Family Support Groups

Child burn survivors, their siblings, and parents face unique challenges. Certified child life specialists and social workers guide these families in support groups designed specifically for them.

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