Science & Safety Exhibit

is now open at the
California Science Center

Children’s Burn Foundation is proud to announce the opening of our Fire! Science & Safety exhibit at the California Science Center. This exhibit will save lives!
For over a quarter of a century, Children’s Burn Foundation has taken a unique and comprehensive approach to healing child burn survivors, from life-transforming surgeries to psychological support. In addition to helping child burn survivors reach their full potential and truly thrive, we provide life-saving burn prevention information to communities. This exhibit is an innovative step forward in our mission of using the power of education to help more children and families.
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It's educational. 

The exhibit is designed to raise awareness about fire prevention. The exhibit will teach about the science of fire and keeping the home fire safe as well as preventing burns.

3 reasons you must visit the
FIRE! Science & Safety exhibit


It's interactive. 

The hands-on exhibit is designed to encourage participation, spark curiosity and bring about positive change.
It has something for everyone. 

Whether you are a parent looking for something exciting to do with your child, a teacher planning an educational field trip or you are just interested in keeping your home and loved ones fire safe, this exhibit is for you!
Teach your family life saving information about fire safety!

Families learn about checking a door to see if heat, smoke or flames are coming through the cracks and feeling the door to see if it is warm with the back of their hand before cautiously opening it. 

The 2,000 square foot, interactive exhibit will allow visitors to explore the science of fire and raise their awareness of fire prevention and what to do if a fire occurs.  Its impact will be far-reaching - visitors will learn essential information while having fun, and lives will be saved.

About FIRE! Science & Safety Exhibit
"Apartment #911 Casa Del Fuego"

Casa del Fuego appears to be a modest apartment building, like many others found in L.A.  However, Apartment 911 is really a training site for budding fire danger detectives.
As visitors explore the apartment’s rooms, they will discover that there are more than 30 things here  that might ignite a fire or cause a burn. The idea is to find each one and understand what to do to  prevent a fire and also what to do if one happens.


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The Fire! Science & Safety exhibit is now open at the California Science Center!
Exhibit Floor Plan/ Elevation
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Exhibit Floor Plan/ Elevation
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Exhibit Floor Plan/ Elevation