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Support Groups

Teen Support Group
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Children’s Burn Foundation provides a teen support program for burn survivors ages 13-18. The teens meet twice per month, once virtually and once in person, with skilled teen group facilitators to share their stories and build self-esteem. They also participate in group activities that promote community service, teamwork and friendship. Children’s Burn Foundation is proud to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for our teens that allows them to grow in ways they might not have thought possible. The teens learn to reach their full potential as confident speakers, leaders in their communities and caring human beings.

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Burn injuries often require countless surgeries and procedures. Beyond physical healing, survivors need psychological support and emotional care to fully heal from their traumatic experiences. Children's Burn Foundation provides survivors with the support, community and comprehensive care they need.  Facilitated by trained professionals, burn survivors are able to speak openly about their experiences and be completely understood by peers. 

in-person groups
online (virtual) groups
Child & Family Support Groups

The unique challenges that child burn survivors face affect not only them but also their parents and siblings. Parents desperately want to help their children, but they do not always know how. With the help of child life specialists, social workers and group facilitators, children, parents and siblings come together for support groups specially designed to help guide them through the long and complicated journey of recovering from a burn injury.

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