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"Before support group, I could not speak about my son's accident because it hurt too much.

I felt alone. But now I like to share my story in hopes that it can help another family. It is nice to talk to other parents who know exactly how I feel and understand the rollercoaster of emotions I have gone through."

We offer survivors and their families the following assistance

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"Support group has helped my family in more ways than I ever imagined. The worst possible pain overtook our family on 6.11.2001. We could not have survived it if it was not for the community or "CBF family" we acquired through support group." 

"You may not think you need it, but you will thank yourself when you experience the support, love and peace of mind you receive from CBF. Only time can heal scars but only support can heal guilt."


Share your story with us and let us know what programs you would be interested in.

Our team will get back to you shortly!

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