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Watch our animated short Look Out Lucky!  below  to help teach children fundamental concepts about avoiding fires and hot items.

Look Out Lucky Title.jpg
Look Out Lucky!

Look Out Lucky! is an animated short that is part of Children's Burn Foundation's expansion efforts in burn prevention and education. It teaches children fundamental concepts about avoiding fires and hot items. The premiere episode chronicles the adventures of Camo the Chameleon and Lucky the curious Kitten as they navigate burn dangers in the kitchen.

It will be available to pre-schools, parents and caregivers, along with educational activity pages and a curriculum guide in both English and Spanish. New episodes will continue to follow this dynamic duo as Lucky explores new surroundings and Camo uses "super-vision" superpowers to keep Lucky safe from burns.

Look Out Lucky! in English
Look Out Lucky! in Spanish

Contact CBF at for the full video (8.5 minutes), and to receive a preschool teacher curriculum for the program. 

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