International Outreach

Children’s Burn Foundation is saving lives around the world through our partnerships with international centers of excellence allowing children to receive care closer to home whenever possible. We are currently working with burn centers in Africa, Central America, South America, Eastern Europe, India, and the Middle East to provide emergency medical treatment to severely burned children. We also work with international partners in Ukraine, Mozambique, and Guatemala to develop curricula, materials, and burn prevention presentations that are culturally appropriate for their regions.

Together, we share the vision of prevention and healing.

38 nations have been served through CBF's International Outreach Program.

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In the last several years, Children’s Burn Foundation (CBF) International Outreach Program model has shifted from sending burn teams to developing countries to help improve outcomes in burn care, to forging relationships with partners in the developing world in several areas including medical service provision, burn care education and burn prevention education.


CBF has developed medical partnerships with centers of excellence including Nigeria, Nicaragua, China, India, Israel, Ukraine and Pakistan, where child burn survivors can be treated closer to their homes whenever possible. CBF has provided funds for the purchase of medical supplies and equipment for burn centers in these countries to help  provide more advanced burn care, and has acquired in-kind donations to help achieve better surgical results with artificial skin, wound care products, medical equipment and supplies.


Currently, CBF partners with burn centers in countries where there is strong in-reach into the health and education systems to create effective burn prevention programs. Our expansion of burn prevention education will continue with our medical partnerships in Ukraine, Pakistan and some Syrian refugee communities.

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