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International Outreach


Support for Ukraine

Since 2016, Children's Burn Foundation (CBF) has been helping children of Ukraine through medical/burn prevention education missions, in partnerships with Doctors Collaborating to Help Children, Shriners Hospital Boston, Americares and Ukrainian Women’s League of America.

Support for Ukraine Since 2016

CBF has funded

$15,000 to $28,000 annually in major regions of Ukraine: Lviv and Dnepropetrovsk


The medical missions included surgical interventions for child burn survivors, performed by volunteer burn surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and physical and occupational therapists.

More than 60 surgeries were performed and 120 children were seen at the outpatient clinic on any given mission


These missions served as opportunities to determine if children need additional interventions that are only possible in the United States. Ukrainian children were brought to Shriners Hospitals for more extensive surgeries.

Since 2019, through our partnership with Shriners Hospital for Children, Boston, CBF funded 3 airlifts for children who were not expected to live because of the severity of their burns


The children survived. In addition to medical treatments, the team provided extensive burn prevention educational support that affected the region's medical clinics, well-child visits and education in schools, centralized through the country's education department.

Today, Children's Burn Foundation is continuing to provide urgent support. So far, we have helped in the following ways:

Provide medical care for an 8-year-old boy from Ukraine whom CBF assisted in the past. The boy escaped the current war with his mother and traveled to Boston Shriners for further surgeries.

Airlift a teen with severe burns and orthopedic needs from Mariupol, Ukraine to Augusta, Georgia after he was injured in a building collapse during the war.

Additionally, we are working to continue providing vital assistance by:

Supporting our long-term medical partner with a mission to Poland/Ukraine border where children are undergoing treatment for burns. The medical team will assess the needs of children who may need to travel to the US for more extensive treatment.


CBF is planning additional missions to Ukraine for burn care when the country is able to start to rebuild. Many children will need assistance in the future with burn treatment they sustained during the war.

The war is having a devastating impact on families and more children need our help. Please join our donors, Friars Charitable Foundationthe Johnny Carson Foundation and the Caruso Family Foundation, in this effort for an initial funding of $100,000 for acute care, medical transfer and accommodations for children who have suffered severe burn injuries.

​​Learn more about our efforts here and please consider donating to make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian families.
38 nations have been served through CBF's International Outreach Program
The International Outreach Program saves lives and improves the health and
well-being of burn survivors worldwide

In the last several years, Children’s Burn Foundation (CBF) International Outreach Program model has shifted from sending burn teams to developing countries to help improve outcomes in burn care, to forging relationships with partners in the developing world in several areas including medical service provision, burn care education and burn prevention education.

By providing programs closer to home, CBF is able to save far more lives. Additionally, CBF has provided funds to purchase medical supplies and advanced equipment for centers in these countries to help deliver innovative burn care. CBF also has acquired in-kind donations of artificial skin, wound care products and medical equipment and supplies to help achieve better surgical results.

CBF’s medical partnerships with centers of excellence internationally in Africa, Central America, South America, Eastern Europe, India, and the Middle East to allow child burn survivors to be treated closer to their homes whenever possible
Dr Fuzaylov 2_edited.jpg

CBF has developed medical partnerships with centers of excellence including Nigeria, Nicaragua, China, India, Israel, Ukraine and Pakistan, where child burn survivors can be treated closer to their homes whenever possible.

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Focusing efforts in countries where CBF is strongly integrated into health and education systems result in burn prevention programs that are highly effective.

Together, we share the vision of prevention and healing

Our expansion of burn prevention education will continue with our medical partnerships in Ukraine, Pakistan and some Syrian refugee communities

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