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It Only Takes One Second...

Award-winning PSA videos made by Women in Film organization

More Than 250,000 Children Will Require Medical Attention for Burns this year

In the U.S. this year, approximately 250,000 children (ages 0-17) will be burned seriously enough to require medical attention; 15,000 of them will require hospitalization and as many as 1,100 of them will succumb to their injuries. Seventy-five percent of all child burns happen to children under the age of four. Three-quarters of these burns are caused by contact with hot liquids and food; one-quarter of these burns are caused by contact with hot surfaces or objects.
Eighty percent of childhood burns can be prevented and most are scald burns that happen at home. Children's Burn Foundation partnered with Women in Film to present this life-saving message with a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that was created through the generosity of incredibly talented professionals. "This message is relevant today more than ever for parents and caregivers of young children," states Beverly Hills Fire Chief and CBF board member, Greg Barton. The community is brought together as a family unit, spending more time at home cooking, drinking hot beverages and running hot baths for children. "Burn awareness can help families stay safe." 

It Only Takes One Second...

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