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Who We Serve

Children who have been severely impacted by burns deserve support to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. Their stories inspire us daily.

Alexi's Story

Alexi has been a part of the Children's Burn Foundation family for as long as she can remember. At only six months old, Alexi suffered 2nd and 3rd- degree scald burns on her neck and chest. After the incident, she was abandoned by her family in China and left in a cardboard box. A stranger found her and immediately brought her to the local orphanage that struggled to hide her injuries and get Alexi adopted.

At two years old, Alexi was adopted by a single-parent mother who brought her to Los Angeles and sought proper care for her daughter. Alexi did not have the necessary surgeries following her accident 

and so suffered from limited physical function. After reading an article about Children's Burn Foundation (CBF), her mom reached out, and Alexi's journey to recovery began. CBF's Full Recovery Program helped pay for her surgeries, check-ups and lasers from childhood into her teenage years. Although Alexi resisted embracing support group at first, she soon learned how well her CBF peers could understand her. She grew to love support group and became a regular at camp, the annual holiday party and other Children's Burn Foundation events. Alexi and her peers even helped start the CBF teen support group - the country's first teen burn survivor support group.

Today, Alexi has a master's degree in counseling with an emphasis in rehabilitation and an associate license in clinical counseling, working towards full licensure. Alexi explained that Children's Burn Foundation was essential in her growth and personal development. In fact, her dream of becoming a therapist all started with CBF. She recognized how feeling supported changed the trajectory of her life 

and decided she wanted to give back to other burn survivors. She is currently a CBF Teen Group Program Manager living her dreams and paying forward the care CBF provided her from childhood into young adulthood.

Alexi's inspirational story demonstrates how with your support, we are not only able to help children survive but to help them thrive!


Manal's Story

Manal suffered horrific second and third-degree burns to her face, neck and hands when her home in Syria was bombed. Doctors tried to convince Manal's mom to end her life at the hospital. But her mother did not give up hope.


When Manal arrived in the United States, Children's Burn Foundation supported her and her mother during the long road to recovery. 

Manal suffered horrific second and third- multiple complex surgeries. After a move to Los Angeles, CBF paid for these surgeries as well as lasers and other needed procedures. Today, Manal loves drawing and bonding with other burn survivors at CBF's annual holiday celebration, Camp Gung Ho and other Council events. Manal is not just a survivor; she is a thriver.


Melanie's Story

Children's Burn Foundation Cheers on Melanie Through
Family Eemergency Assistance, Family Support Group and Family Camp 

CBF has cared for Melanie since her injury resulting from a kitchen accident when she was two. On New Year's Eve, a family cooking tradition took a tragic turn resulting in severe scald burns to the lower half of Melanie's body. She was rushed for acute care at a burn center in Los Angeles. CBF relieved some of her single mother's stress by providing Family Emergency Assistance.

After hospitalization, Melanie, her mom and brother found hope and comfort while attending Family Support Group at Children's Burn Foundation where they met and befriended other burn survivor families.

Support group provides a network of peers where families learn acceptance and coping skills. Melanie's family discovered  that they are not alone in their grief and consider their support group as a second family where sharing feelings is safe and encouraged. They enjoyed attending Family Camp with this special group. 


Through treatment, Melanie has gained confidence in her appearance and physical abilities. She enjoys dance and cheering on her friends. 


CBF stands by its commitment to provide ongoing assistance as Melanie grows and funds her continued laser treatments and steroid injections at no cost to her or her family. These treatments are not covered by insurance. 


Bandith's Story

CBF provided Bandith a renewed chance at life after he sustained burn injuries to 50% of his body by funding his emergency air transfer from Cambodia to Thailand where doctors performed life-saving intensive surgeries.

CBF provided Bandith a renewed chance at life after he sustained burn injuries to 50% of his body when a propane tank exploded in his family's kitchen. CBF funded his emergency air transfer from Cambodia to Thailand where doctors performed life-saving intensive surgeries. Doctors credit his ability to defy the odds to his bright and playful attitude. As he grew, Bandith developed scars on his face, arms and legs. 

As burn survivors grow, their damaged skin lacks the elasticity needed for proper mobility.

At three, CBF was contacted to help improve his functionality and appearance. We knew the best treatment for Bandith was in Los Angeles so we arranged travel for Bandith and his father.  CBF funded the  reconstructive treatment and supportive care during their brief stay in America. 


CBF's unique mission of supporting children through their eighteenth year allows us to assist Bandith as he grows. Once Bandith turned eight, the doctors prescribed more surgeries which CBF funded. 

Arriving just days before international flights were halted due to the  coronavirus, Bandith's surgeries presented new challenges because of COVID-19 restrictions. While healing, Bandith participated in CBF's virtual camps where he interacted with his burn survivor peers in activities including cooking, painting, scavenger hunt and even flight simulation lessons!

Bandith is back home in Cambodia where he continues to play and grow as little boys do. He dreams of being a superhero like Spiderman and eventually creating a Spiderman business.

We stand by Bandith and cheer him on his road to recovery. The doctors at CBF have given Bandith a second chance at no cost to his family, and we hope you will join us in helping other children in need of care.


Please help us grow with Bandith and bring surgical and psychosocial care to young burn survivors. 


Aysha's Story

Aysha was severely injured by barrel bombs in Syria when she was only three years old. CBF, in partnership with the Burnt Children Relief Fund (BCRF), has been helping Aysha with treatment and recovery in the United States since May 2018. Although her treatments are extensive, Aysha’s spunky spirit remains intact. She receives burn care at Shriners for Children Medical Center, Pasadena, and specialized hand surgeries at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Her exuberance enchants everyone as she enjoys events such as CBF’s Camp Gung Ho, our Children’s Holiday Party, a Disneyland adventure, and a ride-a-long with the Glendale Fire Department. 


This vivacious bundle of energy hopes to be a burn doctor one day.


Wendy's Story

Wendy was severely burned in a house fire when a cell phone exploded. Initially, she received skin grafts and burn care at a local hospital. Her father purchased her first compression garments and a facemask but as Wendy grew, her family could not afford the ongoing costs. She stopped wearing them because they no longer fit and triggered much bullying at school. As a result, contractures and keloids developed on her hands, arms and face. She could not eat properly and her scars caused ongoing paint and discomfort. Wendy’s large family sought treatment for her in Los Angeles and that is when they became part of the Children’s Burn Foundation community.


She started medical treatment including laser treatments and steroid injections, all done under general anesthesia. CBF also provided compression garments and facemasks as Wendy grew to help with scar management. The family attended family support groups and school reentry assistance was provided when Wendy returned to school. This program helps classmates understand what happened to Wendy and reduces bullying at school.

Malachi's Story

If you've ever accidentally burned yourself, then you know just how painful a burn is. But what if it wasn't an accident? What if somebody burned you? And what if that burn was visible and caused you to lose your ability of movement? That's just what happened to Malachi.

Nine years ago, when Malachi was just two and a half years old, he was intentionally burned by having his hands shoved into scalding water. This caused not just excruciating pain, but scarring that visibly disfigured Malachi's hands and left him unable to bend or spread his fingers or grip small items like a pencil or fork. Over the next few years, because of the severity of his burns, Malachi was transferred to a burn center to receive urgent treatment for his disabling injury. He had many surgeries while in acute care that were covered by insurance, but eventually the procedures he needed to improve functionality and appearance would not be covered.

 As he got older, Malachi also experienced bullying and awkward stares from other kids and suffered from isolation and loneliness. His doctor and mother reached out for help, and that is when Children's Burn Foundation stepped in.

For the past two years, CBF has paid for the surgeries Malachi needs to regain function in his hands. We also provided him with esteem-building support groups and camps that have helped him regain his courage and confidence. CBF has given hope to Malachi and put him on track for a bright and productive future where he can achieve his dream of becoming a video animator.


Michael's Story


Michael survived burns on 50% of his body when a candle exploded, catching his clothes on fire. He was intubated and hospitalized for almost a year, where he received multiple skin grafts, expanders, and acute care.

The burden on his single father was immense, Children’s Burn Foundation stepped in and provided food, housing payments, gas, and transportation, allowing Michael’s father to remain by his son’s bedside.

It has been a challenging, relentless eight years. Michael’s strength and positive attitude, father’s love, and CBF’s financial and psychosocial support have given him the tools to thrive.

Michael’s progress has been remarkable, but he still needs your support to help heal his physical and psychological scars.

Will you join Children's Burn Foundation ensuring that every child burn survivor like Michael receives the support they so desperately need?

By supporting us, you are helping Aysha, Wendy,  Malachi, Michael, and Melanie thrive. We need your support to help more children receive the quality care they need.
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