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Children who have been severely impacted by burns deserve every support to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. Their stories inspire us daily.


Aysha was severely injured by barrel bombs in Syria when she was only three years old. CBF, in partnership with the Burnt Children Relief Fund (BCRF), has been helping Aysha with treatment and recovery in the United States since May 2018. Although her treatments are extensive, Aysha’s spunky spirit remains intact. She receives burn care at Shriners for Children Medical Center, Pasadena, and specialized hand surgeries at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Her exuberance enchants everyone as she enjoys events such as CBF’s Camp Gung Ho, our Children’s Holiday Party, a Disneyland adventure, and a ride-a-long with the Glendale Fire Department. 


This vivacious bundle of energy hopes to be a burn doctor one day.


Wendy was badly burned in a horrific house fire when she was nine years old. She was treated for three months at a hospital in Mexico before her family moved to the United States to seek treatment. Her parents could not afford burn care and did not know where to turn – until they discovered Children’s Burn Foundation.


On a Friday afternoon in May 2018, Wendy and her family walked into the CBF office and found the help – and the hope – they so desperately needed. Since that day, CBF has helped Wendy receive state-of-the-art medical treatment. CBF’s full recovery support for Wendy also includes counseling with a child life specialist, support groups for the family, and socialization with other child burn survivors and their siblings at fun-filled events like Camp Gung-Ho. 


Wendy is an energetic, engaging child burn survivor with a beautiful smile and a bright future.


If you've ever accidentally burned yourself, then you know just how painful a burn is. But what if it wasn't an accident? What if somebody burned you? And what if that burn was visible and caused you to lose your ability of movement? That's just what happened to Malachi.

Nine years ago, when Malachi was just two and a half years old, he was intentionally burned by having his hands shoved into scalding water. This caused not just excruciating pain, but scarring that visibly disfigured Malachi's hands and left him unable to bend or spread his fingers or grip small items like a pencil or fork. Over the next few years, because of the severity of his burns, Malachi was transferred to a burn center to receive urgent treatment for his disabling injury. He had many surgeries while in acute care that were covered by insurance, but eventually the procedures he needed to improve functionality and appearance would not be covered. As he got older, Malachi also experienced bullying and awkward stares from other kids and suffered from isolation and loneliness. His doctor and mother reached out for help, and that is when Children's Burn Foundation stepped in.

For the past two years, CBF has paid for the surgeries Malachi needs to regain function in his hands. We also provided him with esteem-building support groups and camps that have helped him regain his courage and confidence. CBF has given hope to Malachi and put him on track for a bright and productive future where he can achieve his dream of becoming a video animator.


By supporting us, you are helping Aysha, Wendy,  Malachi, and Michael thrive. We need your support to help more children receive the quality care they need.

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