Child burn survivors don't just survive; they thrive -- while communities receive life-saving education to prevent and treat burns. We want you and your family to always be safe. Utilize these resources to prevent harm, maintain safety and educate your loved ones. 

Bath time is a fun and necessary part of daily life for a young child! Help minimize bathroom burn risks and make bathing more enjoyable.

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Having a fire alarm can save lives. Utilize this guide to learn about fire alarms and having an escape plan.

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Utilize this activity book as a curriculum to learn more about fire safety. Directed towards young children ages 6-12. 

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A fire can happen anywhere and we provided some tips to help you be prepared wherever you go with your loved ones. 

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Your home is your safe space. Follow these easy tips and know these stats to be safe from a fire injury.

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Your smoke alarm is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself and your family. 

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Are we missing something? Share with us what other areas you are interested in related to burn prevention and safety!