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New Book Release
Just Like You

Children’s Burn Foundation is proud to announce the release of Just Like You. This book was created to help people understand that just because people look different, it does not mean they are different. At the core, we share many of the same values, hopes, dreams and feelings. 

This beautifully curated book was designed by high school students to give you a glimpse into the lives and journeys of eleven burn survivors that have learned to thrive. It is our hope that the creativity woven throughout this book will help open eyes and inspire others. We are thrilled to have been a part of this project. Partial proceeds of sales go to helping our organization continue to save lives and educate families on burn prevention.


How One Couple's Kindness Saved The Day For Child Burn Survivors

This year's Camp Gung Ho kickoff took place at Knott's Berry Farm! It was a day filled with fun and friendship, but also long lines and extreme heat. Since burn survivors' skin cannot properly regulate body temperature, many of our leaders had to go the extra mile to ensure the campers were properly hydrated and getting enough shade. One group's leaders were discussing their concerns when a man and his wife near them in line started tapping each person asking if they'd let these child burn survivors move to the front of the popular Timber Mountain Log Ride. Soon the line parted ways and the husband guided the campers through around 200 people in front of them. When the children got on the ride, everyone erupted in cheer!

Camp Gung Ho was a huge success and a wonderful opportunity for our children to thrive! We were even featured in the OC Register.


Check out the full article at the link below! "Just being kids: Burn survivors learn to be thrivers at Camp Gung Ho"


We help child burn survivors & families become thrivers

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