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Ten Things To Know About Kitchen Safety With Kids

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

A burn injury can happen to anyone. Imagine being distracted in the kitchen rushing to get dinner together and you don’t notice your toddler reach up and pull down a pan of sizzling oil. Or envision you are scrambling to get ready for work and you leave a hot cup of coffee on a table that is just low enough for your little one to grab. Painful burn injuries are often accidental and occur in a matter of seconds.

Hot liquids are the leading cause of burn injuries among young children. As a result, this year’s theme for National Burn Awareness Week is burning issues in the kitchen. Here are ten critical tips for keeping your children safe and cooking with caution.

1. Never hold your child while cooking, drinking or passing hot items.

2. Cook only on the back burners. Keep pan handles over the stove.

3. Keep appliances and their cords at the back of the counter at all times.

4. Do not place hot items on the edge of counters, tables or the floor.

5. Avoid using tablecloths to prevent hot liquid or food spills.

6. Never microwave a bottle or food for children under two.

7. Mix microwaved food and liquids carefully and cool before serving.

8. Establish a kid-free zone of at least 3 feet around the stove and areas hot food is prepared. Always supervise your kids in the kitchen.

9. Install an oven door lock and stove knob covers.

10. Secure the stove to the wall.

7Although the idea of your child getting burned is terrifying, it is important to know that 75% of childhood burn injuries are preventable. Keep these tips in mind and be certain to educate anyone caring for your child. Please explore our website and follow us on Instagram @childrensburnfoundation for more life-saving information.

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